About Paul Steckler

The dreams of youth never evaporate. They ruminate and percolate and eventually they erupt at the surface. Everyone should know that the youth inside you never dies. One must simply find a way to tap into it again. That ability is magic, and it's within all of us. Paul Steckler embodies that magic.

Paul joined the Art Students League at 12. During his senior year in high school, he took a one year course in mechanical drawing and design and completed it in six months. Already in college at 17, had a painting selected by the Boston Museum of Art which became a permanent part of the "stacks" in the Museum Archives. Paul earned a BA in Fine Arts and after graduation, for the next 10 years, working  out of his own studio in Forest Hills, NY, Paul privately sold many of his original oil paintings. Lo and behold - 50 years later his career as an artist has been rejuvenated.

During his business career he attended the Fashion Institute of Technology to develop his  understanding of fashion and shoe design. In the dance business for the past 20 years, Paul formed his own company to design and produce embellished dance apparel with his own original designs.

Many years ago, a collection of op art layouts and designs were created by Paul but not developed until recently. Paul's wife, Ona, discovered this unfinished collection and ecouraged him to develop them into finished works of art. Currently, Paul is showing a collection of op art works on his website.

To further expand his original art concepts he has included tee shirts and tote bags as well as prints in various sizes to accommodate his op art style. All these items can be viewed on his website.


Philosophy - Creative Concepts

I first create the central theme and from there, expand lines, converging and crisscrossing, showing spatial relationships with each other that create optical illusions.  Spaces are balanced throughout  the work.  The alternating black and white and colored areas also create spatial levels that form optical illusions.  Each line is associated with other lines to create various visual levels.  Shadow and light describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complimentary, interconnected and independent in the natural world.  They may give rise to each other as they interrelate.

“I create spaces that align and balance each other to create various visual effects.  My latest works are a classic example of that alignment and balance which form unusual optical images.  In my black and white artworks I use these 2 principals:  Yin – Negative and dark, Yang – Positive and light, whose  combined interactions influence the destinies of all things. Space – Line – Balance – Form”
— Paul Steckler